Pizza ngon

Know about the common process of making pizzas:

The process of the pizza making varies from brand to brand. Every brand has some specific formulations that can make their pizza taste unique. This process can’t be taken or copied by any other brand as it will be secret of their company like Pizza ngon . But the basic process of making the pizza is common everywhere. The first process is preparation of the dough for the base of the pizza. The dough is prepared by mixing the ingredients like flour, salt and yeast. Then the dough is mixed properly and allowed to settle for some time. Then the set dough is prepared to the required shape according to the size of the pizza. The thickness of the pizza crust also varies and the dough is made into that particular thickness accordingly. Then the required sauces like tomato, toppings like vegetables, paneers, meat, olives, herbs are added. The cheese is added according to the customer requirement. Then this is placed into the oven which is kept at preheat mode. Then the oven is kept at a very high temperature mostly ranging between four hundred and five hundred. The timer is also set. The baking is done within the set time. Then the baked pizza is taken out and cut into required proportions. The slices are made with the pizza cutter. Then the pizza is served hot to the customers. The sauces, herbs, chili flakes can be added according to the customers wish.


The pizza is therefore considered as the most delicious party food by everyone.

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