Buying a home

What are the advantages of buying a new generation property

If you are planning to move house and you are undecided about which type of property to opt for and whether to buy a new or used property, we give you a list of what may be the advantages of one or the other option in this short article. If you still have doubts and don’t know how to evaluate and choose, call us or come to the agency for advice.

We will try to help you with all our experience. Much depends on the choices of the buyer , the time available and the budget . The biggest downside is that new homes cost more. They have characteristics that make them expensive to build: however, this cost corresponds to many characteristics that cannot be found in older generation properties

The  advantages : high anti-seismic resistance, acoustic insulation, high energy efficiency and wide customization possibilities.

It is possible to act and improve on these factors even starting from an old building with a major renovation, based on the type of renovation that you decide to do. But to achieve excellence in the various factors, the only solution is a demolition and reconstruction: the new buildings start with different construction characteristics right from the foundations.

Energy efficiency

A new generation property will have all the latest energy technologies: solar thermal, photovoltaic, thermal insulation (coating), hybrid or heat pump boilers, bringing it to Class A or higher, ensuring greater sustainability in terms of bills and ecological impact .

Seismic resistance

The walls and structures are designed to resist major earthquakes, providing beams and elements that will make the building solid and safe.

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating not only saves energy. It will give you a feeling of greater warmth with a uniform diffusion, it will make the air in the house better and it will free up space on the walls as there is no need to install classic radiators.

Acoustic insulation

The new buildings are born with acoustic insulation, with anti-noise and impact sound panels installed in the walls and floors, guaranteeing you maximum peace of mind.